Utilities and Tools as a Software

I'm working on it, to make some utilities for Sys-Admin over Linux and Unix based system.
This software will be released as soon as possible. As you all know working alone have some difficulties, so please be patient it will be ready very soon ...


I decided call this software RANDOLPH.

Every Admin knows about this matter that routine activities are really boring. But we all are oblige do something like that every day.

So for avoiding these things I'm going to create a system tools to do most of them and release us from them.
It has some scripts to find "String" in System Logs and also somewhere else, on the other hands, it does some Auto-Connection to some servers and checks availability, Re-establish connections and so on.
I hope I will be able to release this version very soon.
Sometimes we need search in the other application Log Files, such as Monitoring or Third-Party Log Servers, so I recommend using this utility to help you in the same situation, it can find them on a fly. It’s written in Python and C languages.
I’ll try after releasing it; in the Gith-hub I publish it for supporting other people for growing this Util if possible.
It can be profitable tool for junior Linux Admin, for setting up Network configuration, and fast operation for senior expert as well.
It is able to check Security vulnerability in the command-line and it can probe inside your setting file for sure about correct setting too.
I’ll try to add new features to it time to time, and after releasing I want to frequently ask about users idea to improve it as much better as I can.
I’ll announce exact time for uploading it very soon.