Listen to first Podcast for introduce and to know what's going on in this section. Other Podcasts will be shared as soon as possible.


Introduction for knowing how to listen the Podcasts ...
Persian version.


I will share more Podcasts and Popular Science.
I'll do my best to put new and fresh info as many new as possible here.

As I mentioned in WEB site Home Page the main activities will be sharing experiences and Podcasts, especially something such a POP Sciences. Popular Science can be good for busy people and also it will be useful for our life style nowadays, because we all are busy and we should do some parallel tasks, so it’s great to listen something in the same time among our daily tasks.

Main categories are divided to four sections:
1- Programming.
2- Security.
3- Linux/UNIX Based systems
4- Innovation. (Information Technology)

Everyone will find some information about above titles in this page. Sometimes the information is separated to many sections, for instance a Podcast about Security, will be 3 Parts, first one will be a Podcast the second is a guideline , and the last part like a video for accomplished training.
This mechanism will be deployed on all Podcasts.

Moreover for completion this part I will share other kind of this media such as POP Sciences (or Popular Science). It will general information about some title and Topic. It can be very useful for most people I suppose.

Select one of the two following categories :