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Everybody knows about this matter: “Knowledge is potential power.” Then it’s not exact and direct power, but: “Experience is an actual power.”

Student has many difficulties about new language coding, however in University lecturer are still teaching C++. Research, development and implementation of Programing is still the main problem. We all know about it. So for this reason I’m preparing some Articles about C++ programing. Why not!? It will help to them to learn much better, so it’s really good for them.

We can find every syllabus about Linux/UNUX based system, and also about Programing, Security over this OS and so on. There are much kind of methods to teach Operating System and much more about other titles that are mentioned here. But I want to share a real world issues here, not only the titles contains in books and learning packages.

The same thing is about Security matter. What field should we choose to talk?! Because Security section is a large part of Information Technology, on the other hands it has lots of branches such as:
1- Network Security.
2- Card Payment Security (PCI-DSS)
3- Programing Security.
4- Operating System Hardening.
5- Computer Security.

And much more
However I’m not going to share new subject in this field or extra new topic about it. I’m going to tell story about my own and my colleagues about this matter.

Innovation about Information Technology is the last part of Articles section in my site. So in this part I will try tell something new about IT innovating, it something like news, but something that I have knowledge about or maybe just saying other people lectures will be here.
Most of my challenges will be share about Security and UNIX based system. I hope it will be useful for you all.