About Me

My Approach

Actually I call this heading:

My philosophy, My vision or My Mission.

My Mission

Every business or activity has a beginning, and this is somewhere you talk about yourself.
People always want to know what opportunity you saw or how your passion led to the creation of something new.

Talk about your goals or wanna know you have some.

I'm going to start an activity such as E-Learning (something like that) that give much more help to people rather than get some benefits. 

Meet the Team

Not yet but in the next few months, probably we will be a team, I'm going to pick up some experts and we want to bring together to make a strong team. But not now!

About me. My approach My mission My vision.




He has been working as a Programmer and Developer more that 20.


You will see his Linked-In profile very soon ...


I am Information Technology expert, specific as a Network Security Specialist.I have more than 2 decades experience in this field.

If someone needs more detail information I suppose it's better to check my Linked-In Profile:


Technical support and Help Desk manager, around 12 years.


Linked-In profile: ...

Let me introduce team members later ...