Knowledge / Experience

Sharing information and knowledge here as an articles is the most important mission of ARPonix.

In this section you are able to find some good articles, and useful information about specific titles.

Go and check it first.


Tech Talk

Making Technology Subject as a Podcast, we will talk with each experts and specialist, sometime monolog scenario and often we will have discuss with them.

Lots of things around different categories will be shared in this section, because nowadays users need multitasking life style.
Later it will be such as POP Science, or something like that.

See more in detailed before beginning.




Some utilities and tools gather together as a program include scripts, command-Lines and so on, specially for junior experts, in Network field, specific for Sys-Admin.

It will be useful to you too!

I will introduce first one very soon, it's called ...

Introduction in English Language
Introduction in Persian Language

Home section

Home section is a page to introduce what am I going to do, for covering this matter as you can see I mentioned about the main targets that I decided to do.
I explained they will be divided to 3 main sections: Articles, Podcast and Software. You can go and check Product —> Intro first, there is some detailed information for these section. From menu-bar goes to Product and then selects Intro, or via Push Button, with More Info … you can reach there.
Home page also has an introduction with a very short duration Podcast about my activity, in two languages English and Persian. My Home-Page is not similar the Internet Online shopping Area there is no other more information is needed actually, I believe more information causes confuses user and customers. Moreover I don’t have any customer here in fact, so I have many friends who visit me and have fun with new Technologies here. Then I don’t need more messy and crowded area here.

It’s enough for introduction I guess.

Welcome to ARPonix Home Page. :)

I am here to make easy the road ahead!

In my opinion this is a right decision to share my experience with others, especially with young specialists.

So in the beginning of our journey check out the mentioned service categories in the first step.


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